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    Some of my photos were featured on booooooom today!


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    Armstrong Flight Research Fleet Circa 1997 by NASA on The Commons on Flickr.

    A collection of NASA’s research aircraft on the ramp at the (then) Dryden Flight Research Center in July 1997: X-31, F-15B, SR-71, F-106, F-16XL Ship # 2, X-38, Radio Controlled Mothership, and X-36.


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    Jamie Hladky


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    winter pool




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    Untitled, Liepaja, Latvia, 2014



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    Exotic Ferns in Australia, D.L.Jones and C.J.Goudey, 1981


  11. williambroadhurst:

    Back from a road trip up north to Canberra town, where I rendezvoused with Jamie Hladky and Wouter Van de Voorde to photograph one hell of a sausage fest. 5 rolls have just been dropped off to Hillvale and with luck will be uploaded in the not too distant future…

    Good times!


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    Dixon, CA

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    Morning fog, Forks, Washington, August 2014.