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    'Waters' / Selektor Magazine launch party

    1. Alex Crétey Systermans (Website / Tumblr)

    2. Marion Berrin (Website / Tumblr)

    3. Pascal Amoyel (Website / Tumblr)

    4. Olivier Seignette (Website / Tumblr)

    Un grand merci à Alex Crétey Systermans, Marion Berrin, Pascal Amoyel, Olivier Seignette, ainsi qu’à Sidonie, Elise et Adam avec qui nous avons fêté hier soir la sortie du premier numéro de Selektor Magazine le long du canal Saint Martin. Il a beaucoup été question de photographie et la passion était palpable. Aujourd’hui je bois de l’eau et je repense à votre merveilleuse compagnie.

    A big thank you to Alex Cretey Systermans, Marion Berrin, Pascal Amoyel, Olivier Seignette, and Sidonie, Elise and Adam with whom we celebrated yesterday the release of the first issue of Selektor Magazine along the Canal Saint Martin. There has been a lot of talk about photography, with great passion. Today I drink water and I think back to your wonderful company.


  2. smithyphoto:

    Springville, Utah, 11-30-07.

    (via wvdv)


  3. likeafieldmouse:

    Dan Holdsworth - Blackout (2010)

    "…Iceland’s southern landscape, a place dominated by glaciers permeated with so much basalt-black dust and grit as to be dark, not light. In this harsh, vast landscape where tectonic plates rip the earth’s surface violently apart and volcanic ash and glaciers collide, the detritus of the past is literally frozen into the present.

    These glaciers are, however, rapidly melting away, an event which acts as a powerful quantifier of the environmental conditions of our time.

    Inspired by the 1965 New York blackout, this series sees Holdsworth execute a double inversion, making black glaciers white to craft an alter-reality within the negative frame. This is a modern measure of time, a phenomenological encounter in which distortion of light heightens the other senses, disrupts awareness of duration, and compels us engage with the world in an entirely new way. His decision to abstract an already incomprehensible terrain enhances its alien qualities: black skies and a landscape that appears illuminated from within portray a place that is, geologically and conceptually, more akin to a lunar landscape than our own planet.

    These images are a digital rendering of the technological sublime, documents of a planetary surface that confront us with the Other, shifting perspective and forcing us to see ourselves anew.”


  4. smithyphoto:

    Washington, Utah, 12-27-12.

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    Mundane #1


  8. getparticulr:

    The Yellow River by Zhang Kechun


    Winner of the 2014 Discovery Awards at Les Rencontres d’Arles festival

    via The British Journal of Photography




  11. theheavycollective:

    S U N ( D A E ) D A Y - S U B M I S S I O N S 

    This Sunday we highlight the colour work of Daniel Ribar, who bounces between Chicago and Detroit, US. To run your eyes over more of Daniels photographs visit his website here.

    If you would like to see your work featured as part of SUN (DAE) DAY Submissions, please send a handful of jpegs and a portfolio link to:        

    - submissions@theheavycollective.com


  12. DSCF1760 by brad.mcmurray on Flickr.




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