1. kameronrichie:

    Kameron Richie

    Field Sculpture, Second Self-Titled Track

    2014, Canon AE-1 Program


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  3. aaronfeaver:

    New lookbook for Stoned Immaculate Vintage, starring Cora Keegan.


  4. la-beaute—de-pandore:

    Charles Traub, Milan, 1981. From Dolce Via: Italy in the 1980s

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  6. cameraleaks:

    © Ettore Moni


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  8. team-useless:

    Cole Barash

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  9. lazy-painting:


    Roll on Winter so I can get back to making these in earnest.

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  10. javierizquierdo:

    Tim Bowditch


  11. foxmouth:

    Sunrises, 2014 | by Wouter Van de Voorde

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  13. jackharries:


    Have you recently been living by any life philosophy?
    ​I do in a way as I’m currently studying the Ramayana, masterpiece of world literature written in Sanskrit over two thousand years ago, it is to the Asian civilisation what Homer’s Odyssey is to the European civilisation. Its author, Valmiki, is also known as the « Indian Shakespeare ». More than a journey, Indians draw from this text, which conveys moral and philosophical values, an ideal to which they measure their own existence. My new project aims to photograph the « Indian soul » and capture the distinctive nature of this continent country, guided by the Odyssey of the Ramayana as a common thread. Make a prediction for the future. ​Analog photography will not die. Your favorite painter? Hard question. I’ve been looking a lot to Friedrich (I know, it’s a bit common for a photographer !), and more lately to the figurative landscapes of Gerhard Richter.  



  14. nathanosterhaus:

    Saratoga Springs, NY, 2011

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